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Thursday, May 12 2011

Announcing, a first-of-its-kind charitable social network designed to connect Atlantic Canadian families and friends in support of local Cancer Research.

Developed by the Atlantic Cancer Research Institute (ACRI), the website enables families to join forces and play a more active role in finding solutions to cancer.

“It is a unique endeavour and illustrates our faith in the power of families to come together as we all work to solve cancer,” said Françoise Roy, Executive Director of the Institute.

Within the network, members can perform a variety of actions in direct support of cancer-related “causes” created by member themselves.

“FamilyQuest allows everyone to play their own small part of a much bigger solution,” mentioned Françoise Roy, adding that “The small actions and contributions of many, when combined, make big things happen.”

What’s better is that when you visit, join, create, contribute or share, members earn recognition and appreciation rewards for their efforts. Charitable proceeds from FamilyQuest are employed in direct support research projects at ACRI.

Located within the Dr. Georges- L.- Dumont University Hospital Centre in Moncton, the Atlantic Cancer Research Institute today houses a research team of 40 people who are collaborating with the international scientific community to better understand cancer biology and pursue areas of development that include better screening, enhanced diagnosis and identification of new targets for treatment.

For more information, visit today.

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Help solve cancer by sharing with family & friends.

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Want to get your family more involved in the community? Why not rally your team around supporting local cancer research? Support your scientific community and join other Atlantic Canadian families in the fight today.

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Do you know a family member or friend who has been touched by cancer and admire their courage & determination? Rally around them with a cause that showcases your messages of support.

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Lost a loved one to this terrible disease? Create a lasting memory online which will allow family & friends to connect & swap memories & photos for others to share.

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