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Get recognized for your efforts

The success of a movement like FamilyQuest stems from the collective actions of its members. But some stand out!

For this reason, we've made sure to recognize those who most actively demonstrate their interest, engagement and generosity.

It's easy, just get involved, whatever way you can

When members join, connect, contribute, share or volunteer in support of FamilyQuest, each action is rewarded with a corresponding badge, allowing them to earn recognition rewards along the way.

Recognition levels

There are 4 badges of recognition that can be achieved.

Supporter badge

Community supporter

You can earn this reward simply by joining FamilyQuest, connecting to a cause, and telling a friend.


  • Connect to (or create) a cause
  • Refer one person
Connector badge

Community connector

You can earn this reward by referring new members to FamilyQuest.

This can be as easy as inviting your family, sharing on Facebook or adding a link to your email signature.


  • Refer 10 or more people yourself.
Leader badge

Community leader

You can earn this reward by making a charitable pledge to the cause of your choice.


  • Pledge your support to one or more cause for a combined total of $100 (cumulative over time).
Ambassador badge

Community ambassador

You can earn this reward by pledging your support and creating a referral network of 20+ people that raises $5k or more.


  • Community leader badge
  • Create a referral network of 20+ people.
  • Raise a total of $5,000 in your referral network.
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Learn more about reward badges

Help solve cancer by sharing with family & friends.

Become an Ambassador in your community, and get recognized for people you connect to FamilyQuest and the impact they have towards cancer research.

Learn more about reward badges

Create a cause

Publish a page that family & friends can connect to in support of cancer research.

Make your family part of the solution

Create a family cause cause image

Want to get your family more involved in the community? Why not rally your team around supporting local cancer research? Support your scientific community and join other Atlantic Canadian families in the fight today.

Show your support to those who inspire you

Create a family cause cause image

Do you know a family member or friend who has been touched by cancer and admire their courage & determination? Rally around them with a cause that showcases your messages of support.

Create a lasting tribute for those who are missed

Create a family cause cause image

Lost a loved one to this terrible disease? Create a lasting memory online which will allow family & friends to connect & swap memories & photos for others to share.

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